Face Mask Necklace - 18" Cord

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A Face Mask Necklace is a great way to keep your face mask with you at all times!

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O Yeah Gifts has designed a face mask lanyard to be more like a necklace. It is comfortable and convenient for you whether you are at work or out shopping. We spent some time looking at face mask lanyards on the market and noticed how bulky the clips and fabric are and wanted to create a very simple face mask holder that would keep your mask close to you when you need it.

Our Face Mask Necklaces use a wax cord that is resistant to water. Each end has a lobster style clasp that is lead and nickel free. The clasps easily attach to the straps of your face mask or for thicker straps, around them. There are a variety of colors to match your favorite outfits! Mask not included.

  • Jewelry: face mask necklace
  • Collection: face mask necklaces
  • Color: black, beige, red, gray, purple, lavender, pink, coral pink, raspberry, lime green, olive green, turquoise, navy blue, sky blue, yellow, mustard yellow, orange
  • Size: 18 inch cord
  • Material: wax cord,  lobster clasps
  • Metal: alloy, lead & nickel free
  • Finish: antique silver
  • Function: easily clasp on mask strings, for thicker strings wrap around and attach clasp to face mask necklace cord

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