Embrace the simple, sweet spirit of the beach when you surround yourself with handmade jewelry and home decor by O Yeah Gifts. Love living life to the fullest and filling every moment with fun!

Over 30 designs inspired by the beach, surf & sunshine!

Stack Up on Styles

Feel the Wind and Waves
from Coast to Coast

Carry special memories and accent your beach life! Handmade necklaces with sand from classic California or enchanting Florida!!!

Pick Your Passion

Blue Rectangle Necklace

Blue Heart Necklace

Red Circle Necklace

Journey to the Depths of the Sea

Stack Up on Styles

Glittering gifts bottled from the ocean depths


All natural and handmade - the hottest home decor! Use for a potted plant, a keepsake box or even a candle holder.  

Form & Function

Air Plants

Breathe new life into your home with cute and curious air plants!

Cute & Curious