medium approx 2”x 3”x 2.75”h

Succulents, air plants or herbs - grow wild and free in a Zebra Treasure Vessel made with California sand! Fill your Treasure Vessel with all your collected keepsakes: pens, brushes, flowers and more. Handmade pottery is a fun way to decorate your home or office!


For an array of style, mix & match with cool colored Treasure Vessels in Nightwaves (blue, green, purple) or warm colors in Daydreams (red, orange, yellow, pink)!

keepsake box
hold pens, collect coins,
perfect for rings and things

candle holder
glowing colors can be seen
when light shines from inside

ceramic absorbs excess water
allowing plant roots to breathe

• Placement and shades of iridescent color and grains of sand will vary • There are 3-6 different shapes within each size and are randomly selected for orders • California sand appears when ceramic gets wet • Sizes small and medium fit tea light candles best • Vessels do NOT hold water • Do NOT let flame or wax touch sides