Glow In The Dark Planters

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Brighten even the smallest spaces with Glow In The Dark Treasure Vessels! The artistic design resembles stone and gems as they are formed in the earth. Color combos and patterns vary making each piece completely unique from one another. Choose a size that will warm up the darkness! 


Home Decor: pottery, planter, candle holder, keepsake box

Collection: treasure vessels

Color: glow in the dark, white, gray

Size: small 3"x 2"x 1.75"h, medium 3"x 2"x 2.75"h, large 3"x 2.5"x 4"h

Shape: 6 gemstone shapes randomly selected for orders

Material: eco friendly plant based resin, authentic cast stone

Function: holds a tea light candle, air plants, succulents, little keepsakes and more

Directions: sunlight activates the glow


Sustainable • Eco • Handmade • Made in USA

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