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Whoo wants to express wild wisdom? Show off with a cute Face Mask Owl Charm Necklace. A great way to keep your face mask with you at all times!
Live your best life and it will never be forgotten! A Face Mask Necklace with a skull charm is comfortable with a spooky style.
Always under the same moon; show that glow in a moon charm Face Mask Necklace! Easily clasp or wrap around mask strings. 
I love you to death! Raw and romantic a pink sugar skull charm grouped with glass and natural coconut beads on knotted string bracelets.
Out of this world! See what a little moonlight can do with this charm necklace.
Life is short, live wild and party hard in an edgy skull charm bracelet!
Remember and honor the spirits that have passed on. The silver skull charm necklace shows that death is just another door.
By the light of the silvery moon - all the excitement happens in the twilight wearing this delicate charm necklace!
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