We are a feel good, happy go lucky, fun and sunshine team, bringing positive vibes from coast to coast and everything in between!

O Yeah Gifts was built from the ground up by owner Glenda Rolle in Oceanside, California in 2015. The foundational idea was to take her artistic background and gallery experience to ignite a fuse for fun, functional, creative jewelry and home decor that not only filled a space or need but also brought happiness and love to those who bought her products. 
There is a peaceful vibe that comes from a focus on nature. And O Yeah encapsulates that! We not only promote and offer products inspired by nature; we also use natural elements in our handmade pottery, jewelry and more. Everything from eco-friendly resins to sustainable pottery handcrafted with stone and made in the USA. We promote zero waste and a minimal footprint by creating consciousness of our surroundings and the Earth we all inhabit. 
But it's not all about us ~ YOU are our biggest inspiration! O Yeah jewelry is intended to be collected, traded, mixed and matched. We want to hear from you and see where you've been wearing O Yeah and how your treasures bring joy to your surroundings and others. There is something for everyone so share, gift and be good to yourself and others. O Yeah! 
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