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When the waves get rough, this anchor charm will keep you grounded. Show strength and stability with our Anchor Charm Bracelet on blue string!
Super cute mini flowers in popular colors. These artificial plants come in a variety of colors: green, red, purple, blue, red/green, purple/green. Add to any decor to complete that happy vibe in th...
We like to say "Grow your plant in a plant!" Resin planters are made from sustainable plant based resin. This handmade shabby chic pottery carries a modern yet antique style and pieces have a natur...
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The journey itself is the adventure you seek! Studious sea turtles symbolize longevity and endurance. Slip knot cords boast sea glass blue orbs and a detailed bronze sea turtle charm.
Combine the colors of the sunset and sand from the West Coast and you’ll be California dreamin’. Shades and patterns vary making each piece completely unique from one another!
Find your inner peace and power! An ornate hamsa hand charm bracelet on cords with rainbow beads bring protection and strength.
Celebrate life, it’s so beautiful to be you! The cowrie is a token of riches and prosperity.
Mesmerizing beauty in bright mermaid shades of purple and blue, sea crystal necklaces hold the adventure of the ocean’s deep!
Twinkle and shine in mystical unicorn colors of pink and turquoise, sky crystal necklaces are sweet and dreamy!
Intelligent with strength and beauty, the dolphin charm bracelet swims under glass globe beads the shades of the sea.
Smart and sassy, the world is your playground! Flaunt your spirit with a dolphin charm bracelet.
Born of intelligence and power let these protectors of the sea surround your sense of being! The dolphin ring will guide you through every fearless adventure. A silver charm bracelet is accented wi...
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