Candle Holders

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Smooth stone candle holders cast calming natural light. Focus on the flame and let serenity surround you!
We like to say "Grow your plant in a plant!" Resin planters are made from sustainable plant based resin.
Let the shape of the flower of life light your way with hexagon pottery! Striking lines and angles form each handcrafted mini hexagon holder in this three piece set.
Decorate your very own honeycomb succulent garden with vibrant blue hexagon planters!
Gemstone tea light candle holders have a shape shifting style! Mix and match geometric pots to create a distinct decor set.
Watch the beauty of nature take shape. Each medium white pot has bold geometric lines resembling cut gemstones and are the perfect size for plants, candles and keepsakes!
Decorate your very own honeycomb succulent garden with white hexagon planters!
Strong and steely gray hexagon shaped planters show a sense of stability. Ground your succulents and cacti!
Sweeten up your surroundings with honeycomb shaped cement planters in 7 different natural shades: cloud (white), terra (orange), stone (brown), slate (gray), moss (green), storm (blue) and sand (ye...
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