Summer Essentials

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Hip, hop and don’t stop. A symbol of transformation from tadpole to frog on your journey to be the best new you!
Sometimes the little things make the biggest memories! Capture your favorite things and keep them close to your heart.
In the spirit of the sea, catch a wave and ride the energy of the ocean! This splashing bracelet holds a silver charm on wax cord strings.
Express yourself with stackable string bracelets. Choose 8 pieces and SAVE 20%!!
Give in to your desires and set your spirit free with an alluring amethyst gemstone anklet! This four piece gemstone anklet set is the perfect pair for any boho outfit.
Accentuate the positive with bold eye-catching aqua turquoise!
Sweet shells and splashy sea colors tell a whale of a tale!
Restoration and rebirth are characteristics of the peaceful frog. Embrace change with this silver charm necklace!
Celebrate life, it’s so beautiful to be you! The cowrie is a token of riches and prosperity.
There can never be enough! Spread the message and fill the world with peace by wearing the classic symbol.
A golden dragonfly represents your new beginning! This graceful charm bracelet buzzes freely around adjustable strings and shiny glass beads.
From an ancient and mysterious underwater world comes a tiny relic to remind you that even the tiniest things are a beautiful gift to the world. The simple patina bronze bead sits on an 18 inch ant...
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