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Keep your face mask close to you with our Face Mask Necklace! Our face mask necklace holders are lightweight and 28" lanyards easily connect by clasp or wrap to any mask.
A Face Mask Necklace is a great way to keep your face mask with you at all times! Our face mask lanyards are lightweight and easily connect by clasp or wrap to any mask.
Fun in the sun! Mix, match and express yourself with stackable string anklets. Choose 8 pieces and SAVE 20%!!
Let strength and confidence invigorate you as the silver sun and moon encapsulate the powerful tiger eye.
You make life sweeter! Everyday is brighter with a pineapple charm bracelet.
Let your wisdom be your guide! The adorned elephant charm bracelet brings strength and intelligence on adjustable blue, beige and chestnut colored strings.
Celebrate life, it’s so beautiful to be you! The cowrie is a token of riches and prosperity.
Find your inner peace and power! An ornate hamsa hand charm bracelet on cords with rainbow beads bring protection and strength.
Combine the colors of the sunset and sand from the West Coast and you’ll be California dreamin’. Shades and patterns vary making each piece completely unique from one another!
You are strong on the outside, sweet on the inside! The pineapple charm bracelet represents friendship and hospitality. Violet and golden cords and chains with glass beads accent this fresh and fru...
Bring peace to the land and find heaven here on Earth! Celebrate Rasta roots with colorful bracelets that hold wooden beads and the symbol of a conflict free world.
String Stackable Anklets - O Yeah Gifts!
Give in to your desires and set your spirit free with an alluring amethyst gemstone anklet! This four piece gemstone anklet set is the perfect pair for any boho outfit.
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