Peace, Love & 3-D Memories

Peace, Love & 3-D Memories
Authored By O Yeah Gifts

Memorializing life’s highlights is a breeze, and the possibilities are endless! Nothing should ever be too small or insignificant to be left alone. Photos are only flat images and memory boxes can't go everywhere with you. Keepsake Capsule Heart Necklaces take even the tiniest relics and preserve them, always with you wherever you are! They also make amazing gifts and can be the perfect way to share thoughts and memories with loved ones who are far from you. Here are a few of the ways O Yeah has fashioned Keepsake Capsule Heart Necklaces:  

  • Confetti from a memorable party 
  • Sprinkles from a cupcake or ice cream party 
  • Tiny flowers or petals from a bouquet or corsage
  • Sand, pebbles, sea glass or tiny shells from a favorite place
  • Beads or sequins from a favorite dress or jewelry
  • Seeds with special meaning from a garden or fruit 
  • A lock of hair from someone you love
  • A snippet of fabric from a piece of clothing, blanket or upholstery you remember fondly
  • A small handwritten note, signature or page from a favorite book
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