Create a relaxing space and find your Zen with design and decor

Create a relaxing space and find your Zen with design and decor
Authored By O Yeah Gifts

In Todays Hectic world, designing and decorating your space with elements of Zen Design known to enhance well being, can foster feelings of calm and relaxing escape we all need right now.

It has been said that incorporating plants and natural elements can reduce your stress. Using certain colors can boost your mood. Adding shades of greenery to your space creates a calming sensation and cool paint colors of green, blue, and purple elicit serenity and stillness. Thier are also simple gentility when adding functional furniture and decor. Here are some ideas to help you feel relaxed and find your Zen.

Plant Your Intent

There is nothing more natural and clearing than plants in your home. House plants connect yourself to nature and inspire balance and harmony. Green plants also deliver oxygen creating a fresh and inviting space. Fill your space with as many as you can to help with the feeling of peace and calm. Pick different sizes, try using macrame plant hangers to fill in areas. Place smaller pots and planters on window sills and tables to bring forth increased calm and Tranquility.

Simplify Your Color Palette

A simple color palette allows for more energetic flow through your space creating a sense of calm. Use Natural woods tones found in our Coconut Macrame Plant Hanger to increase your feeling of Zen. Add Touches of Blue like these in our Blue Striped Resin Planter to draw the eyes in and invoke a sense of calm.

Relax Deeply using aromatherapy

Find some scented tea light candles that excite your sense of smell and add them to a natural rock candle holder or a hexagon candle holder to create a calming ambience for your space.

All of these element will help you find your Zen and in time “Radiate Boundless Love Towards The Entire World as the Buddha Says.




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