Lookin' Lovely Lanyard

Lookin' Lovely Lanyard
Authored By Glenda Rolle

O Yeah you look marvelous in that mask! Wear your face mask with pride and dress it up with a fashionable Face Mask Necklace. Face mask cords come in 13 shades from natural earthy tones to bright, playful colors that pop!

The face mask lanyard is easy to use. Just connect to each side strap of your mask with antique silver lobster clasp and wear the face mask jewelry around your neck as a classy mask holder. No more digging in your purse or pockets; no more accidentally losing it in the car or on the bus! Your mask is always with you when you're on the go; in and out of stores it's easily accessible, and with so many colors you can switch it up to match your style for the day. When wearing your mask the barely there string stays comfortably out of your way and when you're mask free it goes great with any outfit, dressed down or up!

Coming soon, check out our new line of face mask accessories as we drop cool new charms on your face mask necklaces. Stay safe, stay healthy and thrive with good vibes, O Yeah!

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