Shop our selection of charm bracelets, necklaces, jewelry and home decor inspired by the beach life and designed for you!

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Graceful and feminine - you're a beach goddess and there is more to you than meets the eye! The fierce and fearless mermaid charm bracelet delicately hangs with teal and blue shell beads on cords a...
Fun in the sun! Mix, match and express yourself with stackable string anklets. Choose 8 pieces and SAVE 20%!!
In the spirit of the sea, catch a wave and ride the energy of the ocean! This splashing bracelet holds a silver charm on wax cord strings.
Life is better swimming with friends. Share a pair with your biggest bestest buddy!
Wear a breath of fresh air as breezy bright turquoise is paired with the shiny silver sun and moon pendant.
Mesmerizing beauty in bright mermaid shades of purple and blue, sea crystal necklaces hold the adventure of the ocean’s deep!
It's a perfect time to turn over a new leaf! Three intricate bronze leaves hang with glass beads on string bracelets in the colors of Autumn.
You make life sweeter! Everyday is brighter with a pineapple charm bracelet.
Yo Ho Ho and a bracelet full of fun! Iridescent shell beads with an accent skull are strung on natural rope strings. Read the runes and bones; seek your fortune on the high seas.
Accentuate the positive with bold eye-catching aqua turquoise!
Adventure awaits, dive deep and seek it out! Glass beads on knotted cords in blue, accent a handcrafted silver whale tail charm bracelet pack.
Your treasure lies deep beneath the waves! This bracelet collection carries 3 cowrie shells, copper chain and glass beads.
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